Going Green At Windells Academy & Camp Mt Hood Oregon

Slide Accepted the challenge to create a dry slope training facility in Mt Hood Oregon. We designed and built at 100 foot jump to air bag and a 120 foot dual rail line all out of renewable products.

The project was hailed by The Oregonian Newspaper and many other Environmental groups. It is currently a training tool that is used all year round.

WINDELLS GREEN PRODUCTIONS Keeping with the spirit of "Going Green," Slide Marketing has stepped up to the plate, building our first training facility made of completely recycled materials.

Just look what we did with this junk pile!


WINDELLS NATURAL SLOPES The base structure for the ramp is composed of metal studs salvaged from recycled construction materials. Next, we made use of old slides rails and playground equipment to create ski and snow board sliding rails.

First things first; Adapt to the natural surrounding. Rather than building costly structure, we relied on the natural grade of local hills and slopes to serve as a natural foundation for our Green structure.

WINDELLS GREEN PRODUCTIONS But, Wheres the Snow? This is where the magic happens. Slides innovative Green planning used recyled pharmaceutical plastics instead of ice or snow. These plastics provide a slick, safe,and effecvtive structure suitable for training atheletes of all skill levels.